Lacrimae Rerum II

Lacrimae Rerum II

This work, ‘Lacrimae Rerum II’ (the latin phrase for ‘tears of things’) is a continuation of the series ‘Species Loss’. It consists of 60 smoke fired porcelain lachrymatories of various shapes and sizes. Each one is formed by either the pinching, coiling or casting process. They are hung by fine stainless steel rope from a stainless steel rod with wall supports. The bottles are burnished before bisque firing and then smoke fired with wood shavings and seaweed. The salts and minerals in the seaweed create flashes of colour and the smoked wood shavings create variations in colour from black to brown. The tags are numbered lead weights sourced from a circular fishing net commonly used 100 years ago.
Dimensions: L 114cm W1m Weight 4kg

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