Chaiya Arts Awards 2021

Title: Erosion:God is betrayed.  Genesis 1:26-3, God creates humans and gives them the Earth to care for… 

Latest Update: The Winners Exhibition of the Chaiya Art Awards will take place between the 14th and 23rd of May at gallery@oxo on London’s Southbank.

‘This exhibition will showcase some of the most innovative and exciting artists expressing their creativity in response to the theme ‘GOD is… ‘ and offers the opportunity to view and buy beautiful and inspiring art that is often difficult to find on display elsewhere.’ Katrina Moss, Chaiya Art Awards,

For those who are unable to visit the physical exhibition there will be a virtual exhibition simultaneously from 14 May – 31 July 2021.  

About Erosion:God is betrayed: Pebbles begin life as rock fragments progressively worn smooth by the relentless motion of the sea.  After the tide has retreated they reflect both the sea and the sky in their wet shiny surfaces, en masse their colours dazzle and close up they reveal their geological history with layers of sediment, fossils and seams of quartz.  This natural beauty comes at a price – erosion of our coastlines.  Science tells us that we are responsible for rising sea levels due to climate change and this is speeding up the process.

The fragile porcelain vessels in this artwork have been formed by hand, treated with oxides and raku fired to recreate the weight, colours and the textures of pebbles – they contain the very essence of our world under stress.

Photo Russell Barker, Progression

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