Association of Midland Artists Autumn Exhibition at 150 Gallery

150 Gallery AMA September 2014

Window Gallery
Window Gallery

The Association of Midland Artists held their Autumn Exhibition in the 150 Gallery in Livery Street. ‘Glass windows looking onto a pedestrianised street, and the opportunity the windows gave for a multi-level display lent a very different ambience that invited entry to the exhibition. Indeed, when I re-visited on a weekday, there were a respectable number of people in the gallery looking at the work on show. The nature of the work in the entrance area invited the viewer to linger, and, in turn, to become aware of and to explore the two rooms behind, given over in the main to paper, canvas, and paint. I particularly enjoyed Wendy Campbell-Briggs’s installation ‘Lacrimae Rerum (Tears of Things)’: delicate and pendant ceramic amphorae coloured with natural dyes……’ Mary Condon

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